Our Company, Golf & Leisure Marketing

Golf & Leisure Marketing are a small consultancy company offering a range of services to golf clubs, health & fitness clubs and leisure centres across the UK.

We are down-to-earth pragmatists largely because we’ve experienced many of the problems and obstacles leisure operators come across every day.

We’ve worked as the golf General Manager, as the club Sales & Marketing Director, as the leisure company’s Group Operations Director. It’s this first hand, on the floor, at the coalface experience within the golf & leisure industries that makes us different.

Sure, we can sprout marketing theory all day long – the 7 P’s of Marketing, the Boston Matrix, PESTEL analysis, Consumer Segmentation and so on. That’s what most marketing consultancy companies do.

We’re practitioners though. We prefer to stay focused on the marketing application rather than the theory – the nuts and bolts of making marketing work for your business.

Matthew Orwin, Principle Consultant

My name is Matthew Orwin and I’m the Principle Consultant here at Golf & Leisure Marketing.

I started work in the industry a little over 21 years ago and have since built up an experience base covering golf, health and leisure clubs operated by both private individuals and multi-site companies.

I’m also a frequent ‘user’ of such facilities – I play golf, I’m a regular at the gym and I often visit the local leisure centre with my kids. I think it’s important to experience our industry from both trade and customer perspectives.

Whilst I chose the workplace rather than further education when I left school, I later took a year out of work to study a Masters degree in Business Administration in Edinburgh. This is where I learnt how to sprout the theory, although I prefer not to!

I take a hands-on role with all our clients in Golf & Leisure Marketing. For me, it’s about quality and not quantity. It’s about working with a small group of leisure professionals that share my enthusiasm for the industry, my focus on the practical application of marketing and have common ambitions for their business.

Give me call or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you, even if it’s just for a chat. Great things are born from conversation.