A thorough competitor analysis is essential in shaping a club’s marketing strategy. Long gone are the days where clubs operated within their own ecosystems – comfortably taking their share of the customers without needing to be concerned about other local clubs. The club industry is now operating in a highly competitive environment and must compete head-to-head with other businesses in order to retain and attract customers.

“How can a club successfully compete when it doesn’t know what it’s competing against?”

Understanding the competition provides an invaluable insight into how the opposition work and a platform to gain competitive advantage over them.

Golf & Leisure Marketing’s competitor analysis report will map the market terrain the club needs to navigate in order to be successful. Core components include:

Competitor List

The analysis begins with a list of competitor golf club businesses as well as those other businesses that indirectly compete for the same customer capital, such as hotels competing for function and banqueting trade.

Facilities Overview

We research our competitor list to learn of all the facilities they offer, from the golf course right the way through to the food & beverage offering.

Products and Pricing

We then break down each competitor into the products they offer and their pricing point:

  • Membership
  • Visitor
  • Group events
  • Tuition, coaching & practice
  • Merchandising
  • Casual food & beverage trade
  • Conference & banqueting
    • Communication & Advertising

      We look at each competitor’s communication and advertising activity in order to learn the tactics they employ to gain new customers.

      Strengths & Weaknesses

      Drawing information from our research, in addition to our extensive industry knowledge, we put together an objective listing of each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.