The customer is the cornerstone of every business yet many clubs don’t have a thorough understanding of who their customers actually are.

“If we don’t know who our customers are at the moment how can we efficiently target new customers for the future?”

Golf & Leisure Marketing’s customer analysis report is the foundation to effective marketing and an imperative tool for any successful club business. It allows for a more targeted approach to advertising thereby increasing effectiveness and the advertising returns on pounds spent.

Using primary evidence our customer analysis report includes:

Customer Location & Mapping

The report starts with a location analysis split by available customer types – from members through to visitors.

For each customer type, the report will show the geographical catchment by city/town/village, postal code sector, compass direction and drive time – all displayed in clear graphical formats.

Age & Gender

An analysis of age and gender will be undertaken, showing each within the differing customer types.

Member Lifespan

The member lifespan analysis section will show how long current customers have been members at the club, split by membership category.

This section will also give an historical perspective of the customer lifespan, highlighting any emerging patterns with regard to membership leavers and resignations.

Geo-Demographic Profiling

The geo-demographic profiling section classifies customers into a number of different ‘types’ based on a combination of personal attributes such as average household income, demographics and lifestyle & attitudinal data.

We then research the clubs locality to identify areas with the highest proportion of people that match the clubs customer profile.