Golf & Leisure Marketing’s customer survey provides the club with an actionable insight into their customer’s opinions. It delivers tangible data that can be used to make better business decisions, helping you refine, tweak or improve the club.

Sometimes you are so close t0 your own club that you’re not able to look at issues objectively. A well-constructed customer survey can be a great way to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer and understand things from their perspective.

62% of consumers are more inclined to buy from a brand that has asked for their opinion, whilst 56% claimed they felt more loyal to a brand when asked. (, 2012)

Customer Survey Methodology

Golf & Leisure Marketing use a quantitative methodology harvesting a statistically valid and accurate set of results.

The company uses the latest cloud-based survey software, with customers invited by email to complete the research online, in the privacy of their own setting and within their own timescale.

How Are We Doing?

A customer survey by Golf & Leisure Marketing explores the customer’s opinion on the broad question ‘How we are doing?’, providing a holistic overview of the entire club.

We focus on each ‘customer touchpoint’ within the business, tailoring a carefully chosen set of questions to give a valid result and also garner a good response rate.

How Can We Do Better?

Our research then goes further to explore the customer’s opinions on areas of potential improvement, ascertaining what your customers genuinely value highly as well as how the club could innovate and improve it’s services in the future.

Bespoke Research

Golf & Leisure Marketing can also work with the club to produce a bespoke customer survey that focuses on a specific product and/or service, or maybe researching potential new products and services that the club are considering introducing.