Using Golf & Leisure Marketing to conduct a membership leaver survey is an unbiased approach to decision making. It provides objective information on which to base conclusions and removes the “gut feeling” that is so often misleading.

“It’s cheaper for a business to retain members than it is to recruit new ones so understanding why customers leave the club is hugely important.”

By analysis of the membership leaver survey data the club can immediately address topics of importance rather than waste time and valuable resources on areas of little or no concern.

Survey Methodology

Golf & Leisure Marketing use a quantitative methodology harvesting a statistically valid and accurate set of results.

The final membership leaver survey report shows the summarized data in various graphical formats in addition to bullet-point conclusions and considerations.

Research Mechanisms

The company predominantly uses the latest cloud-based survey software to undertake the research. Respondents are invited to participate via email and complete the survey online, in the privacy of their own setting and within their own timescale. This provides for the ideal non-intimidating environment that is conducive to gaining open and honest feedback.

If email addresses are not available for enough respondents to provide a valid sample, postal surveys can be used in substitution.

Areas of Research

The final membership leaver survey report covers 5 main areas of research:

  • The reasons for leaving the club
  • Future activity participation
  • Re-joining opportunity and likelihood
  • Leaver profile – by gender, age, location and membership lifespan
  • Attitudes towards the club