Golf & Leisure Marketing specialises in producing promotion & advertising plans for club businesses both large and small.

With a wealth of experience to draw upon, each plan is tailored to the club’s own specific goals and objectives – using ideas and tactics that have been proven to work.

The company can produce both short-term campaigns that focus on a specific revenue stream and target audience or full annual plans that drive primary incomes over the course of a year.

The final document provides a road map the club can follow that ensures maximum returns on advertising spend.

Establishing the Goals

The starting point is a thorough consultation with the club to assess their goals and ambitions.

At this juncture an advertising budget would also be set. This establishes a clear financial parameter in which the final promotion & advertising plan will reside.


Having established the goals for the club a timetable will be created, providing a template plan for the clubs promotional activity and focusing on key times of the year that provide optimal return on advertising spend.

Promotional Concepts

The promotional concept is merely the message by which we will communicate the benefits of the offering to the target audience. The final planner will include suggested promotions that, from our extensive experience within the industry, we believe have the best chance of success whilst at the same time fitting within the clubs broader ambitions.

Communication Channels

Today, there are a plethora of communication channels available to us – yet many are ineffective and costly when trying to target a specific profile of individual.

Golf & Leisure Marketing will use its experience and research of the club’s local media to suggest within the promotion & advertising plan only communication channels that can be proven to target the right audience and thereby optimise return of advertising investment.

Suggested Suppliers

Golf & Leisure Marketing has a number of partner suppliers specialising in graphic design, print, digital and traditional media. Having worked with these companies for many years we are assured of their quality of product, service standards and value-for-money.

In executing the final promotion & advertising plan we would always recommend using these companies. That said, there is no tie-in and the club may wish to use their own preferred suppliers.


Golf & Leisure Marketing is not an agency therefore we don’t add a mark-up on any of the suggested advertising. The final promotion & advertising plan will show estimate costings for each component area as provided to us directly from the media/communication provider. This way the club can be assured that our suggestions are completely objective.

Promotion & Advertising Plan

Our prices for the promotion & advertising plan relate directly to the clubs budgeted advertising spend. This way our pricing is adaptive to clubs both large and small as well as to both short-term campaigns through to full annual plans.

Budgeted Advertising Spend (exc. VAT) Promotion & Advertising Plan
£1k to £5k £750
£6k to £12k £1,200
£13k to £25k £1,300
£26k to £50k £1,750
£50k+ £2,200


  • Half-day club consultation
  • Final planner presentation
  • Electronic and hard copy planners
  • Full telephone and email support throughout the period of the plan